Proverbs 2:7

Proverbs 2:7 "He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly."

If Rehoboam did those things that his father suggested in the first four verses of chapter two, Solomon promised his son wisdom at the mouth of God.  Solomon made this promise without hesitation because of personal experience.  Inspired by the Holy Ghost, he elaborated on the promise in verse seven by identifying the wisdom as “sound wisdom.”  This term would distinguish the wisdom God gives from the wisdom the world gives.  Street smarts are not the same as “sound wisdom.”  Intelligence is not the same as “sound wisdom.”  The ability to negotiate or persuade is not the same as “sound wisdom.”  There is a wisdom that descends from above and there is a wisdom that ascends from below.  The wisdom that comes from the mouth of God is “sound wisdom” because it is wholesome and true.  This heavenly wisdom is substantially different from worldly wisdom.  James differentiates the two in the third chapter of his letter.  Worldly wisdom is far from sound, instead described by James as “sensual and devilish.”  Heavenly wisdom is described by James as being “first pure” or sound, and then followed by an abundance of virtue. 

Wisdom can be a virtue and it can be a vice.  Wisdom can help a person and it can hurt a person.  Wisdom can help a person do right and it can help a person do wrong.  The prophet Jeremiah wrote of his people, “they are wise to do evil” (Jeremiah 4:22).  Getting wisdom isn’t the theme of Proverbs; getting “sound wisdom” is the theme of this special book.  
Get no wisdom and you’ll be a fool.
Get the wrong kind of wisdom and you’ll be worse than a fool. 
Get “sound wisdom” and you’ll be better than a fool.

Who you look to for wisdom will determine what you get.
Look to yourself and you’ll be void of wisdom; a fool.
Look to the world and you’ll get worldly wisdom, rendering you worse than a fool.
Look to the Lord and you’ll get “sound wisdom,” rendering you better than a fool.

God gives “sound wisdom” to the righteous, to those who do the things listed in the first four verses of the chapter.  A person who honors the character and conversation of his parents demonstrates righteousness.  The person who seeks wisdom, understanding and knowledge evidences righteousness.  The person who does these things among other good things is a person who walks uprightly.  To such a person, Solomon declares God a “buckler.”  A buckler is a shield, which makes God a protector of the righteous and a defender of the upright. 

When referring to God as a “buckler” in verse seven, Solomon isn’t shifting to another subject or to an entirely different thought.  Given the context of the verse and passage, Solomon is informing his reader that one of the ways that God protects the righteous is by giving him “sound wisdom.”  This world is bubbling with deception and false information.  Lives are destroyed on a daily basis by false advertising, fake news and deceitful predators.  Children and teens are tricked into getting into the wrong car or room with a predator.  Young girls are duped into joining a modeling agency that ends up being a sex trafficking operation.  On a daily basis, masses of people by the thousands are bamboozled into buying phony products.  In this world, you don’t have to go looking for trouble – it will find you.  In fact, scammers prey on the innocent and on those who are typically minding their own business.  You don’t have to be doing drugs and hanging out in bars to become a victim of deceptive devils.  A simple trip to the mailbox can land you into big trouble.  A simple click of a button or link on the computer can lead to great loss.  A simple consultation or a single date can unleash great sorrow.  “Sound wisdom” is the greatest form of DEFENCE against such deception.

While God can and does protect the upright through supernatural means, He chooses to primarily protect them through the simple means of giving “sound wisdom.”  While God can and does protect the righteous through Divine intervention, He chooses primarily to protect them through the distribution of “sound wisdom.”  It’s impossible to know how many times God protects us from harm by sending strong angels to watch over us on the roads, in our homes and in our interactions among the public.  It’s equally as impossible to know how many times God protects us from harm by sending “sound wisdom” to guide us in our daily decisions. 
How many times has “sound wisdom” from God kept us from falling prey to internet scams? 
How many times has “sound wisdom” from God kept us from getting into business with sketchy souls?
How many times has “sound wisdom” from God kept us from becoming victim to addictive substances?
“Sound wisdom” protects us from harm because it tells us not to use illegal drugs due to the harm it will cause us.  “Sound wisdom” protects us from harm because it tells us not to drink alcohol and especially not to drink and drive. “Sound wisdom” protects us from harm because it warns us of getting involved with unholy causes, unwise people and unclean things.  

God shields the upright by opening His magnificent mouth, the source of “sound wisdom.”  God can and will use His mighty power to protect the righteous at times, but His marvelous word is sufficient to protect the righteous most times.  The absence of “sound wisdom” leaves a person vulnerable to foolish decisions when confronted by masters of deception.  When God places “sound wisdom” in the heart of the upright, He is placing a massive shield in the hand of the upright. 

God’s preferred choice of protection for the righteous is not a bubble AROUND them, but “sound wisdom” IN them.


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