Proverbs 2:5-6

Proverbs 2:5-6 "Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."

Based on both inspiration and experience, Solomon promised his son results IF he were to do the things mentioned in the first four verses. 
IF he received his father’s words…
IF he hid his father’s commandments in his heart…
IF he cried after knowledge…
IF he lifted up his voice for understanding…
IF he sought understanding as silver…
IF he searched for understanding as for hid treasures…
THEN he would reap substantial benefit and blessing.

According to 1 Kings 3:3, Solomon “loved the LORD” and that verse also tells us that he walked in the “statutes of David his father.  Solomon received his father’s words.  Solomon hid his father’s commandments in his heart.  Based on the proceeding conversation he would have with God in 1 Kings 3, it was clear that Solomon longed for knowledge and for understanding.  Solomon sought wisdom as silver and hid treasure.  As a result, he would soon understand the fear of God and find the knowledge of God.  Because Solomon did those things he was counseling his son to do, God came to him in a dream in Gibeon.  In the course of that unconscious conversation, Solomon was promised wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Solomon wasn’t counseling his son in principle or in hypotheticals; he was counseling his son with personal experience.  He knew what he was talking about.

These two verses belong together because verse 6 explains verse 5.  At first glance, verse 5 seems somewhat unrelated to the previous verses.  The counsel of the first four verses was to pursue wisdom, understanding and knowledge, which is exactly what verse 6 promised.  Verse 5 promised an understanding of the fear of God as well as the knowledge of God.  This is the first mention of God in the chapter.  Up until this point in the chapter, it would seem that this father is offering his son a path to general virtue and practical wisdom, not necessarily that which is theological in nature.  Hidden in the passage is the truth that true wisdom comes from God.  If you want true wisdom, you’ll have to get it from God.  If you seek wisdom fervently, then you will eventually hear the voice of God because it comes “out of his mouth” (verse 6). That is precisely the experience of Solomon.  He sought wisdom and because he sought it fervently, he received it at the mouth of God when God came to him in a dream.

In order to receive true wisdom, understanding and knowledge, we must hear from God.  When we hear from God, we will immediately “understand the fear of God.”  This is an instant by-product of the pursuit of wisdom. For the young person who has never heard the voice of God, the fear of God can be confusing. 
Why am I to fear God if I am to trust God? 
Why am I supposed to be afraid of the same God that I’m supposed to trust with my feelings, thoughts and concerns? 
Once a person hears the voice of God, he or she will be aware of the power that comes from God.  Any One possessing such power is worthy of a healthy kind of fear.  This is exactly why Solomon wrote, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” in Proverbs 9:10.   

Little children like animals, even big predators such as lions, tigers and bears.  Little children don’t appreciate the power behind these big predators until they go to the zoo and hear the voice of these great creatures.  One mighty roar of a lion will immediately bring a healthy fear into the mind of any person within hearing distance.  Such is the case with God.  People without any knowledge of God are rarely intimidated by God.  Such people, as are many young people, are interested in God but not necessarily intimidated by God.  After all, how can someone be afraid of One they cannot see or hear?  Once a person has FIRSTHAND knowledge of God through a personal encounter with God, he will immediately appreciate the power of God and “understand the fear of God.” 

When a person truly hears God speak for the first time, he will truly “understand the fear of God.”  Solomon wasn’t the only person to have his life changed when hearing God speak for the first time.  Moses’ life was never the same after hearing God speak for the first time out of the burning bush.  Saul of Tarsus had a personal encounter with God and he heard God speak for the first time on the road to Damascus.  Immediately, Saul understood the fear of God and he began to find the knowledge of God.  Samuel heard God speak in the House of God while Adam heard God speak out of the whirlwind.  True wisdom comes to the human heart when the human ear hears The Mighty God speak.  Finding the knowledge of God is simply a matter of hearing the voice of God. 

This proverb tells us that “the Lord gives wisdom” and He gives it “out of His mouth.”  If we are to understand the fear of God, we only need to hear the voice of God.  If we are to find the knowledge of God, we only need to find the mouth of God.  If we are to be wise, we must approach the source of wisdom, which is the WORD of GOD.  There is no path to true wisdom outside the WORD of GOD because “out of HIS MOUTH cometh knowledge and understanding.”  There is absolutely no substitute for the B-I-B-L-E and the still small voice of God’s Spirit.  Without the mouth of God, the fear of God will not be understood and the knowledge of God remain hidden.  

Have you heard the VOICE of GOD?

Are you spending time in the WORD OF GOD listening to the MOUTH of GOD?


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